Portrait of Ana Aragao

Building Castles in the Sky: Ana Aragao

Ana Aragao steps into the limelight debuting her solo exhibition in Macau with “Imaginary Beings”. All the way from Porto, Portugal, Aragao is an inspiring artist with an architecture background prominently featured in her artworks.

Two blonde women posing on street wearing velvet jackets.

Velvet Trend—Our Top 5 Velvet Picks for the Cool Season

Velvet is making its way to every fashion aficionado’s list of wardrobe staples for this season, and into ours too! Jazz up this festive season with one or ALL of these velvet items we think are a must-have.

Discover Hidden Treasure with Grand Lapa’s Christmas Hamper

Indulgent Christmas treats that not only impress but send smiles and cheers—Grand Lapa’s Christmas Hamper has it all. This exquisite treasure box from Grand Lapa elevates the fun of unboxing and redefines the meaning of the art of giving this season of sharing.

Best Christmas Dining Deals in Macau

From relaxed ambiance to over-the-top and completely fabulous, we have the lowdown on the best festive brunches, meals, and deals ever to hit the city on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Jingle and Mingle at The Banyan Lounge

The holiday season is a time to indulge and what better way to do that than with a traditional festive afternoon tea at Banyan Lounge?

Festive Cocktails at The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge

What would a great celebration be without a toast of festive holiday drinks this season? Christmas only comes once so eat, drink, and be merry at the Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lounge.


Products from John Masters

5 Gorgeous Gifts for the Special Woman in Your Life

Here are foolproof gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, sister, girl boss or best friend. There’s simply no reason not to love these lavish and thoughtful presents from some of the finest shops in Hong Kong

Christmas gifts for mothers from Lane Crawford

Christmas Gifts Every Mom Secretly Wants in Her Life

Mothers deserve some appreciation and while they love taking care of us, they need some care, too. Get your beautiful and loving mom these thoughtful presents for sale around Hong Kong.

A pink-colored hooded throwover with fur lining.

The Most Adorable Christmas Gifts for Kids

We know how hard it can be to rush around shopping and searching for creative and fun gifts so we’ve compiled this list of fabulous finds for that extra special gift to give our favorite little humans on Christmas day.

Macau Gift Guide For Kids: Santa’s Secret

Get going with all that Christmas shopping early on! Our Mommy expert, Apple tells you what and where!

An Advent calendar from Meri Meri

Your Gift Guide to Awesome Advent Calendars

The countdown to Christmas is super exciting with these coveted treats. New colorful packages and wonderful surprises tucked away in tiny parcels discovered each day make it a bright and beautiful waiting game.

A man with a folding bicycle standing on the street.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

This holiday season, we’ve scoured the streets of the city to find the presents men truly like and love.

Top 5

Black and white music performance

5 Great Places for Live Music in Macau

There’s nothing quite like great musical acts combined with great food. Check out these cool places that will surely be your favorite hang-out spot!

Augusto Rocha playing football.

5 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Born in Macau

Here are five famous figures you might not know were born right here in Macau.

A wine and cheese platter at Caffe B restaurant in Macau.

5 Favorite Places for Happy Hour in Macau

After a long day at work, what do you need to wind down? A cold beer, a glass of wine, chilled cocktails and some dainty bites—we hear you and we have the best places in Macau for fantastic deals!

Close up shot of Chicken and Green salad

5 Places to go for a Healthy Meal in Macau

Eat smart at these healthy spots in Macau. Make small steps to improve your dining habits towards a better you.

Warm and hot Ramen Kouji’s Dip Noodles

5 Great Noodle Spots in Macau

Dive through a deliciously deep bowl of brothy noodles this winter season. It’s the perfect comfort food best shared with family and friends as Bel shares her favorite spots for the special soup!